About FUJI

Fuji Dreskin was born and raised in Denver, Colorado with her parents and older brother and sister.

Her family has always called her by her middle name, Fuji, after her maternal grandmother. She spent the last decade living and working in beautiful Oakland, CA and recently relocated back to Denver. 

"I am the only one in my family born in Colorado. My mother June Inuzuka grew up in Pasadena, CA. She was a nurse, a lawyer, and is now following ehr passion as a writer and independent filmmaker. She is inspired by our family's stories and the often mysterious history of Japanese American people. My wise and kind father Dr. Stephen Dreskin was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina, where his mother Jeanet Dreskin, still continues her life's work as an illustrator at 98.

 I have an older brother named Sam, who is an illustrator and musician that I look up to a lot. Andrea, the eldest of us three, is a photographer and mother in Denver as well. 

Andrea and I have been taking photos since I was 12.  She always had a talent for it and thats how I first got into modeling. I started making comics around that time and it didn't take long for Cosplay to take over my life as well.

Some of my favorite memories were at Anime and Comic Cons, Cosplaying with my friends. Mind you, this is back when conventions were new. Back when I made AMV's. Thats how I learned to edit film. I made every crazy prop and costume from scratch, for many years and loved it.  

Turns out, it's all coming in handy.  All of that passion and technique goes into my music video costumes and production."

Denver School of the Arts: Visual Arts

West Kanazawa High School

California College of the Arts: BFA Illustration

Parsons Paris: Graphic Novels / Fashion Design 

One of the most common questions people ask me, 

"So, what do you rap about?"

Growing up as hapa and having my Jewish heritage a big part of my childhood is an experience that I feel strongly about, and shows in my music. That, along with female, human and animal rights is often in focus. 

But Sometimes its just about what Im going through personally. Just life shit, real shit. Love, family, friends, health, anxiety, mental health, and my TV shows of course. Comedy is also a favorite tool of mine. Laughter is so healing for me.

 Having worked in the cannabis industry and with animals/rescues for years, I have come to love these communities even more. My vision is to support and give appreciation for all the hard working people I believe in. 

This includes all of those in in U.S. prisons trying to survive without human rights, the people who go on strikes in the inside, animal rescuers who dont wait to be asked, community organizers, and inspiring people who deserve recognition and representation.

Working and learning from other artists is huge part of my goals. Music Videos has become my passion. Everything in production from writing, singing, recording, concept, casting, costumes, storyboards to editing and directing are the most fun I can have.

Jones Soda Label Contest Winner circa 2007

                                                                    Jones Soda Label Contest Winner circa                                                                        2007 by Andrea Dreskin Photography